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Halloween Spooky Party Animated

FrameworkBootstrap 5

Website for your upcoming Halloween Spooky Party

If you're planning to host a Halloween party and invite friends then definitely you must need a spooky website.

It features everything you need to create spooky website for your halloween, including invitation form with RSVP and you can extend more with our intuitive drag and drop builder & code editor.


When you publish the project to Netlify, you can start collecting RSVP. Form data will be stored in Netlify Forms.

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  1. A modern, flat design layout
  2. RSVP Form - Works with Netlify
  3. Spooky background - RIP along with animated clouds and textures
  4. Responsive, full page header featuring a background image with overlay and centered content
  5. Special CSS Effect Polaroid Photo gallery - with our editor you can upload your previous party photos
  6. Extend with our Gridbox Readymade Components